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Layered Resin Jewelry Tutorial

Remember that special feature about a Japanese artist who made incredible 3D resin paintings, one painted layer at a time?  Well, we aren't quite up to his standard but layering is one way to jazz up resin jewelry.

Check out Carmi Cimicata's adventures with her layered resin tutorial for a whole bunch of awesome artistic jewelry pieces.  She starts with a stamped image which is sealed and then added all sorts of fun things like sequins, stickers and glitter.  It's the dual layers of resin which helps gives the dimensional tiered effect as shown with her bottle cap pendants.

Takes a little longer as you'll have to wait for the lower layer to set but worth it, don't you think?

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  1. Would love to see these in person as I'm sure the depth given by the multiple layers of resin is amazing. It hard to capture that sense of depth in a photo. Of course someday they may invent 3D cameras and we will be able to view things online in 3 dimension.
    I am not about to end that with a LOL as I am sure it will someday come to pass.

  2. I agree. The photos do not do the tutorial justice!

  3. Sounds like a fun thing to try!

  4. Have had several resin pieces made by an artisan who teaches this craft in order to get a personalized gift. Love your pictures and would love to try this myself, as it has limitless possibilities.would love to win this kit Betty at

  5. Bought several pieces from a known artisan in order to get personalized gifts. Enjoy your blogs and tutorials and would love to try this myself. Thank you for the wonderful tips and tutorials. Love the giveaways too.


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