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Macrame Bracelet Tutorials to Inspire

I review a lot of tutorials, some of which are merely different versions of the same thing.  So I am always pleased when I come across a more unusual take. Take macrame jewelry for instance. This knotted bracelet tutorial over the Swedish Creative Company is definitely uncommon as the knotting is done sideways.  (Update - this tutorial is no longer available).

The pictures are clear so you don't really need to use Google Translate. There are also two other bracelet tutorials on the site.

 Pandahall's macrame bracelet is actually a tri-color one.  The tutorial shows how to carry the non-working colored cord behind the design.  If you cannot make a button knot, incorporate a real button instead.

Adding beads is popular way to jazz up a simple macrame bracelet.  This studded leather macrame bracelet tutorial is by Too Cute Beads.

Too Cute Beads also had a side beaded variation with well chosen beads. The bracelet certainly looks like a zipper, hence it's name!

Something more challenging is the Zolino friendship bracelet. The rainbow colors make it truly awesome! Check out Christine Grierer's tutorial.

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  1. Very nice bracelets! I just wanted to add a tip about Creativ Company: they have an english website too with instructions for that bracelet in english at

    (Maybe not needed for this particular bracelet, but might be a useful link for their other projects.)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the tip!

  3. Thank you for sharing. Your post worth of reading. Waiting for new posts. buyincoins

  4. I cannot find the first bracelet anywhere. Getting frustrated.

    1. Alas, that tutorial is no longer available. I can't find it anywhere now as it was so long ago. Thanks though for letting me know. I have removed the link.


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