What Liz Hall does is truly extraordinary.  Her jewelry designs on her Etsy store, Lizards Jewelry, are all one of a kind (OOAK).  She combines metal and polymer clay for some of the most amazing jewelry I have ever seen!

She uses small inlaid polymer clay pieces and iridescent medium to add color in her intricate and modern designs. They show her meticulous skill and creative talent.

Liz started making jewelry in art college where she majored in jewelry making.  Her designs won numerous awards even then. Her work has now been featured in magazines and books.

Liz and her family live on a Virginia farm where they combine her husband's sculpture, her jewelry and computer graphics business along with their Pinto sporthorse breeding business. Throw in renovation of the house and farm and you've got some idea of how busy Liz is!

Check out her Youtube video gallery which includes some awesome evil eye designs!

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