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Micro Macrame Statement Jewelry by ARUMIdesign

It takes a special kind of artisan to make stunning jewelry from thousands of little knots. Martin and Ugne are the two Spanish designers behind the micro macrame statement jewelry seen on ARUMIdesign on Etsy.

They have an amazing flair for color. They also sometimes combine the multicolored threads with beautiful gemstones. The necklaces are also universal fit.

The technique they use is cavandoli macrame, a particular style which features geometric and free form patterns. The double half-hitch knot is the main stitch used.

Their designs are so vibrant and show how much more macrame can be besides friendship bracelets!

Hat tip to Eva Maria Keiser over on Facebook for this wonderful find.

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  1. Thank you, Pearl, for this great article! It's a nice surprise while we are travelling in Poland. By the way, wonderful blog! Greetings from Ugne & Martin

  2. Their creations are beautiful and I agree wholeheartedly with you; they are vibrant.

    It's nice to see that macramé is still alive and practiced. I recall how it was quite the fad back in the late 60's and early 70's.
    Now I wonder where all my old macramé pot hangers went and whatever did I do with all my old macramé pattern books ?

  3. I did not know that macrame could be so lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oooh - pretty stuff! Who woulda thunk?

  5. These are really cool. I have seen some work done with this technique in the past but the colors and transitions on these pieces are really beautiful! I think their pieces would be perfect for the summer time :)

  6. I just learned to make a Macrame necklace and bracelet and they were just the basics. I will never be able to make anything like these..not in this lifetime anyways. LoL It was so nice to see the talent and enjoy the talent of others...and be envious too! haha

  7. Take heart, Nancy! You never know what you can achieve if you keep at it!

  8. Just beautiful! And so creative. Learning how do micro macramé is on my To Do list. I never made any 60's pot hangers or bracelets so I never learned any of the knots. I wish there were a local teacher...classes save you in learning time.


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