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More Beaded Bead Tutorials

Beaded beads are fun to make as they are quick to complete.  Use them as earrings or pendants. Maybe string a few for a necklace.  Here are some beaded bead tutorials which caught my eye!  Such inspiration!

The beaded balls in the above lovely earrings were made by Liz over on The Crimson Moon. Her tutorial uses small hidden beads as the forms.

Bee Jang not only shared her lovely faceted bead ball tutorial on her journal but also gave a fantastic example of what you can do with embellished balls :

 Kristina, who reads this blog, shared her tutorial on hers, Wild Roses and Blackberries, for making a beaded ball pendant.  I just love her choice of bead colors!

The beaded ball tutorial by Bijoux Components is different in that it uses twin holed beads. The tutorial in Czech so use Google Translate.

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  1. Looks like I'm going to be spending the morning viewing and learning from these wonderful tutorials. Thank you Pearl.

    On a personal note, I truly love pieces created with handbeaded beads. I think the addition of such beads make the jewelry all the more "handmade" and special.

  2. Thanks for the feature! Those beaded beads are so simple, but despite the quality of some of the illustrations, it's turned out to be a popular tutorial.

    As for colour choices, that was one of the few times I've used colour-changing beads (cantaloupe in the grey pendant). They can be both challenging and fun to work with. My trick: I made the pendant on a cloudy day so I could see the beads in incandescent light first, then put them in my hand and stick it out the nearby door to see what the colour combo would look like in daylight.


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