Jewelry lovers are in for a visual treat if they were to go and see the latest movie version of F. Scott Fitzgerald's, The Great Gatsby.  The tale of decadence, betrayal and murder is set in the 1920's.  From a jewelry design perspective, the movie beautifully evokes jazz age glamor with the stunning art deco pieces.
Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan
Catherine Martin, the costume and jewelry designer for the movie collaborated with Tiffany and Co in part because Fitzgerald himself patronized the iconic jewelry firm in the 1920s.  Inspiration came from Tiffany's archival drawings and pieces.

Tiffany's Savoy Headpiece ($200,000) from the Great Gatsby Collection
One outstanding design is the Savoy platinum headpiece worn by Daisy Buchanan to the Gatsby party. A vision in pearls and diamonds, the headpiece also features an off center detachable brooch. It was copied from an original Tiffany design from that era. Jon King, executive vice president at Tiffany, explained,  "For example, Tiffany looked to Native Americans for many designs, like the headdress with diamonds made to look like a feather that Daisy wears."

Also note Daisy's Indian style platinum hand piece which features diamonds pearls!  That particular design was based on a Tiffany drawing of bracelet and compact combination.

Catherine Martin said, "Plus, in the book, Tom Buchanan gives Daisy a string of pearls worth $300,000 on the eve of their wedding, and Tiffany had been promoting pearls as a female rite of passage during that exact time. I thought it was a wonderful connection."

Other pieces in the movie included a daisy motif for a signet ring worn by Leonardo DiCaprio who plays Gatsby, the Daisy heart locket and a gorgeous Daisy brooch.

Daisy Locket from Tiffany's Ziegfield Collection
Luxury replicas of the 30 jewelry pieces shown in the movie are available as the Great Gatsby Collection. Tiffany also has the 14-piece movie inspired Ziegfeld Collection which is more moderately priced and available from their stores.

Pearl and Onyx Ring from Tiffany's Ziegfeld Collection
Check out the video about the Tiffany jewelry for the movie. The actresses who were so lucky enough to wear these gorgeous luxury pieces were clearly overwhelmed!


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