Kumihimo, the Japanese method of making lovely braided cords, is popular with many jewelry makers.  They probably enjoy the relaxation of cording much like knitting or crocheting.  Something to do while watching tv perhaps?  No one wants to tackle challenging projects all the time!

Beading4perfectionists' beginner kumihimo video tutorial using a commercial disc is very clear.  I like how she uses 8 differently colored 3 mm cords to show the process and adapted weights to hold down the beginning of the bracelet.  She finishes the end with thick wire - I suggest not using anything thicker than 22G wire.

Norwegian Linuz, one of those amazingly bilingual bloggers has a lovely kumihimo cord tutorial that's great for a spiral style bracelet (shown above). It's a nice variation for those of you who already make kumihimo cords.

If you are beginner and don't wish to shell out for a kumihimo disc, make one yourself and weave some easy friendship bracelets as shown on Michael Ann Made using just embroidery thread. That way you'll know for sure if you like it enough to commit to proper kumihimo discs and satin cords.

The Beaded Jewelry Diva shared a basic video tutorial for an 8 warp bracelet.    Her video also shows one of her finished necklace examples where she covered the ends of the kumihimo section with beading.

Don't want to use wire to finish a kumihimo braceletCheck out this video by the Potomac Bead Co.
The instructor uses Fireline and Super New Glue. If you can't easily get those end caps, consider making short lengths of coiled wire.

Beaded Kumihimo Tutorials
Adding beads is a fabulous way to embellish kumihimo.  Check out this useful video by Anne Dilker on how to make a basic beaded bracelet using the 8 warp style.  Many tips including how to use the bobbins!  The thread has to be thinner as beads are strung on them. Superlon size 18 is the way to go!

Make a kumihimo necklace with crystals and you've got a stunner.  See the Wedded Bliss Beaded kumihimo necklace for inspiration!

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