Nancy Stark stumbled on my blog and  contacted me about a wonderful project she was planning to do.  She explained, "My mom is sending me pieces of lace from her wedding dress so that I can make a charm and put it on a necklace for each of my sisters as a keepsake."

She had purchased 1 inch bezel pendants for the lace pieces.  She considered gluing the lace onto pieces of card stock or scrapbook paper and then using diamond glaze as many people do.  But she found out diamond glaze isn't recommended for fabrics. So she asked me for suggestions.

First of all, I should mention people who use paper for glazing projects must first seal the paper thoroughly with say Mod Podge. This is to prevent the paper color from leaching. In her case, I would use 2 part epoxy resin instead of glaze to fill the bezel.

The tutorial I suggested is the one from yesterday.  The instructor cast the resin i.e. did not use a bezel.  I mentioned to Nancy that if she wanted a background to  try using maybe another fabric underneath the lace.  As always when working with keepsakes, make  test samples with scraps of lace first.

What Nancy eventually did was to use ribbon below the lace.  Both materials were sealed with Mod Podge for fabrics.  She then used 2 part epoxy resin to cover the bezel.

Nancy sent me the above picture of the lovely finished project and said, "I love how it turned out and my sisters are so excited to have this as an heirloom that we can hopefully pass down to our daughters."

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