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Fun 4th of July Beaded Earrings Tutorials

I've covered patriotic jewelry before (see links below) but I just had to include this crop of really fun 4th of July beaded earrings tutorials.  There is still time to whip up a pair before you head of for a street party or bbq!  Also note that in many cases, you could adapt these designs by substituting the color for other country flag inspired creations.

Shayna over at Prima Bead designed the above pair of flag earrings from crystal bicones (tutorial no longer available)!  This is easy enough for beginners because all you have to know is how to wire wrap or form loops.

Beading enthusiasts can bring out their favorite thread and needle for the American Beauty brick stitch and loop fringe pair below. It's by Marjory Dalgarn of Living with 3 Moon Babies.

Want more of a fringe?  Then check out  the Independence earrings tutorial by Bead Dancing (tutorial no longer available)

This smaller pair (tutorial no longer available) will suit those who prefer a daintier pair. It's from About Beadwork's archives.

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  1. Red, White and Blue are popular colors on many national flags and they are also wonderful colors that go well with each other.

    All of the patterns are pretty but it is hard to ignore the crystal flag. I see they used a double ended eyepin and chains to form the triangle but bet one could use Pearl's tip about making a triangle out of wire and using a Toblerone box as a mandrel. ;)

  2. tried to get the pattern for these and its not to be found... How sad

    1. Sorry Laurie. This is an old post and several of the sites no longer exist.


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