Beth's ombre knotted cord bracelet tutorial over at Remarkably Domestic is stellar on so many levels.  First of all, design is lovely with a clever ombre twist. It took her weeks to find the kind of knot she liked before she came up with her final tutorial!

She then went on to write a well illustrated tutorial. She included not just pictures of each step but also a short video on a tricky bit.  Her pictures covered the materials needed as well as final project pictures - the shot above, another with the bracelet laid out and modeled!

It is so clear she spent a lot of time taking good photographs and preparing the images. I also like how she titled her final bracelet picture. I am so not a fan of watermarks or titles obscuring the image.

Beth's tutorial is a shining example of how bloggers should write one!

Update : A reader over on Facebook found the video tutorial I missed!  Thanks!

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