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Awesome Ombre Knotted Cord Bracelet Tutorial

Beth's ombre knotted cord bracelet tutorial over at Remarkably Domestic is stellar on so many levels.  First of all, design is lovely with a clever ombre twist. It took her weeks to find the kind of knot she liked before she came up with her final tutorial!

She then went on to write a well illustrated tutorial. She included not just pictures of each step but also a short video on a tricky bit.  Her pictures covered the materials needed as well as final project pictures - the shot above, another with the bracelet laid out and modeled!

It is so clear she spent a lot of time taking good photographs and preparing the images. I also like how she titled her final bracelet picture. I am so not a fan of watermarks or titles obscuring the image.

Beth's tutorial is a shining example of how bloggers should write one!

Update : A reader over on Facebook found the video tutorial I missed!  Thanks!

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  1. Beautiful bracelet, however, the link doesn't work.

  2. This looks great and like so much fun. Can't wait to read the tutorial and try it out. Thanks for posting the link.

  3. Willi - please try again! The link is fine. Sometimes glitches happen.

  4. Just a follow up, the link does work if I use Safari as my browser, but does not work in a Firefox browser...not sure why, but double checked on another Mac as well, same result

  5. I am unable to get the link. I tried in Chrome and also in Explorer but no luck. Can someone help me get the tutorial please? Thanks a lot.

  6. Not sure why some of you are having so much trouble accessing the link.

    Here it is -

    Let me know if you still cannot get it.

  7. I tried the link again and it worked. Thanks!

  8. Must have been an internet hiccup! Glad you can get to the tutorial.


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