Collecting sea shells while strolling along a beach is a common past time. But what to do with them? Making sea shell jewelry will make your vacation or summer time memories wearable! Here are two tutorials which makes use of both small and large shells.

Kirsten Nunez of Studs and Pearls has a wonderful and easy tutorial for painted and embellished sea shell stud earrings. If you can paint and glue, you can do this one.

I also liked Natasha of Tasha Delrae's tutorial for a very bold metallic painted sea shell necklace.

You should wear some sort of dust mask if you are drilling holes in sea shells.  Alternatively, place the shells and the drilling base in a plastic container and just cover the shells with water.  The water will contain the dust.  Also make sure your drill is plugged into a GFCI outlet.

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