I do believe I know at least one reader who has an embroidery sewing machine.  If you do own one, consider making some super easy lace jewelry.

This free standing lace video tutorial is by TLC Inspirations. The chosen motif are hearts but really any small motifs will do for earrings or even pendants.  It's fun to watch how the machine uses the pattern to create the two color design.

The same instructor, Bonnie, also demonstrates how to make multilayer flowers for hair clips.  At the end, she shows other motifs.

It's still possible to make some nifty embroidered using the water soluble stabilizer and hoop but on a regular machine making satin stitches - maybe edge stitching as she does for the second video to lay down a foundation.  A bit tricky but possible. 

The reason why I say it is possible is because my maternal grandmother made the most amazing machine embroidered nonya kebayas (a traditional costume worn by Straits born Chinese in South East Asia) on a simple treadle machine. She moved the hoop to and fro to create intricate satin stitches to create intricate cut work embroidery.

This picture is from the book The Nyonya Kebaya: A Century of Straits Chinese Costume that I own.  It shows the author trying her hand at creating the embroidery with just a treadle machine.  I think I might try it some day!

Nonya Kebayas Picture source
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