I Love You Pendant
I've come across and written about terrarium jewelry before. However, the terrarium jewelry by The Faerie Nest on Etsy (Update : link no longer available) are particularly delightful and original for they are whimsical combinations of plants, messages and tiny people.

What Kimberly Gordon of Texas does is to create miniature dioramas - really clever ones.  Some of her message terrariums are also very romantic like this one below with a quote from William Shakespeare :

"When I Saw
I fell in Love
and you Smiled
You knew."

She calls these tiny terrarium pendants I Cannot Live with You partly because they contain lichen. If you remember your science lessons in school, lichen is actually made up of two symbiotic organisms, a fungus and an algae which grow together as a composite for mutual benefit.

Kimberly says, "We love lots of things, but terrariums, miniatures, faeries, faerie gardens, and zombies probably top the list here at The Faerie Nest."  She adds, "I love creating little miniature worlds of all kinds that bring a smile. "  She did indeed made me smile with her zombie terrarium pendants like this one.

My Very Own Zombie, I Will Name Him Fred
 Kimberly's wonderful sense of humor shines through with her description : "Meet Fred. Fred used to be an actor. He isn't anymore. Now he is undead. You can keep him safely for your own little zombie pet, safely enclosed in this little pendant. Our little zombie pets are not a replacement for the real zombie apocalypse I know you are secretly hoping for, but maybe he will keep you company until then...."

Another design which also made me smile was the I Wish I Had More Hands terrarium necklace.  The description read, "If I had more hands, I would have them all over you Baby...' Hand check!!! These two cannot get enough of each other... This beautiful handmade miniature terrarium pendant is a perfect little love scene. A mini diorama that says what words sometimes cannot.....A locket that contains an entire little world." Indeed!

NB  Kimberly also has an adult section for those over 18.

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