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A Really Different Wire Wrapped Tree Pendant tutorial

The most common wire wrapped tree is the tree of life pendant.  Check out the tutorial post here.  But there are other ways to make the tree.  This open work copper tree tutorial  by Oksana Trukhan is a delightful version.

She starts out with pencil and paper, designing the tree. Sketching is a good way to plan any piece before committing any wire.

The tutorial is in Russian and unfortunately the Google translation is poor. So it helps if you have done some wire wrapping before. However, it is easy enough to see how it is basically done and you can go on to make your own designs.

Create the main swirls from 18- 20G wire. Just wrap them together and with added beads using  thinner wire - 26G. Oksana used ammonia to patinate the copper. There are other alternatives like liver of sulfur.

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  1. Love all of Oksana's work that I've seen. Her work is so lyrically elegant and perfectly executed.

  2. Saw your post on facebook and knew I would have to swing by and check this out more closely.
    I love Oksana's rendition of the Tree of Life. It is charming and has a fresh spin on something that was perhaps starting to get a little bit stale. I really like that way she has removed the standard round frame that confined the old versions and allows the tree to stand proudly on its own.

  3. Wow, that really is some beautiful wirework! What a lovely design and perfectly executed. I wish my wirework was anywhere near as good!

  4. Wow, what a beautiful design and such neat wirework as well! Very impressive!

  5. Just love that tree! You see so many that are rather alike so I am in awe any time that I find one that really stands out.


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