Russian wire work artisan Kseni Vokhmentseva says her creations in her Etsy store, Kesmi are "mad wire designer jewelry for daring people". I cannot agree with the mad part because her unique designs are not. They are however, eclectic, bold and oh so different. Refreshingly so.

Encantado  Necklace
She uses a variety of wire techniques such as weaving, coiling and crochet to accomplish her designs. The copper ones are patinated. The colorful swarovski crystals really do make the pieces pop!  But sometimes, she just relies on strong design elements to make necklaces like her brass one below very striking indeed.

Icadora brass crochet necklace
Her statement necklaces really do live up to the genre.  The Bloody Mary Secret bib necklace comprises of a wire crochet base with  metal alloy coral branches, red Swarovski crystals and seed beads.

Bloody Mary bib necklace
Collar necklaces have been trending lately. So it was fun to see how Ksenia interpreted this style using a wire crochet base.

 Her white design below will surely appeal to some brides to be?
Snow Queen Natural Rock Crystal necklace
Her stunning asymmetrical necklace, Muerta de mar, is made up of copper and clear Swarovski crystals.  It was featured on the 2012 Autumn issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine.

Muerte de Mar Necklace
However, my favorite is her Galaxy necklace.  Doesn't it remind you of soutache jewelry?   You can see more of this talented artisan's wire wrapped designs on her Flickr.

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