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Arts Business Institute's $95 Craft Business Consulting Giveaway

Jewelry making is such a wonderful craft and hobby.  That first foray into making beautiful accessories sometimes develops into a small business.   Then comes the realization making the jewelry is actually the easy part.  The issues about how to sell and where to sell as well as the ins and outs of running a business soon arise.

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It is a common struggle trying to make a craft business succeed.  There are all sorts of self-help articles out there. But remember, no two businesses are alike, so a one-size-fits-all plan is not really the answer.  Nothing beats having your very own one-on-one mentor who has the experience to help you move ahead with your business.

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The Arts Business Institute runs craft business workshops in the US and Canada.  Their faculty members also offer personalized 1 hour consultancy services for artisans - "who will work with you on developing goals and strategies to meet them, customized to your needs and your lifestyle."  All conveniently delivered via telephone or SKYPE no matter where you are.

One of their mentors is Carolyn Edlund, who is also the Executive Director of the Arts Business Institute. Her background includes 20 years owning a production jewelry studio, and seven years as a sales rep for card and gift lines. She writes business articles for artists, and is the author of the e-course "Marketing for Artists & Craftspeople." Carolyn has worked with hundreds of artists on launching and growing their small businesses. 

One lucky reader will win a hour's consultancy with Carolyn.  It includes an evaluation of what you do and identifies your challenges and your goals.
She  provides an "honest, third-party critique of your existing body of work and ways to make it more marketable.She will also help you brainstorm ideas and strategies. 
The consultation may include discussions on:
  • Structuring your small business for success
  • Marketing your handmade work
  • Sales strategies
  • Booth design and selling at retail
  • Wholesaling your work to galleries and shops
A detailed follow-up email typically follows summarizing the discussion and specific steps you need.

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If you'd like to win an hour of craft business consulting worth $95 with Carolyn,  please make a comment below. Make sure you leave contact info if you do not have an online shop or blog.

Subscribers need to click on the post title to come to my actual blog. Scroll down and enter your comment. Pick Name/URL. If you don't have a store or blog, leave the URL blank.

This giveaway is for US and Canada.

Extra entries if you become or are a blog subscriber or follower etc. If you also do shout outs about this giveaway, those will count as additional entries too! Please say so in the comments.

It ends in a week's time at 6 pm EST Monday,  July 15,  2013. I will pick the winner randomly and announce the results as soon as possible after. So be sure to leave a contact email if you don't have an online link or make sure you come back and check! Otherwise I will redraw in a week. Good luck!

Photo Credits : The Buyers Market of American Craft

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  1. It would be so helpful to have a professional third party consultation on my bead weaving design business. Thanks for this great opportunity.
    Cheri Meyer

  2. I just responded to someone on FB who said 1 hr is not enough. Here's my reply :

    It really depends on the individual. I have done consultations before myself. It can be done if the person is prepared, decisive and clear on objectives. This is not for people who are indecisive. Know what you want in the first place and then a good mentor will give the guidance and tips to help get you there. It also helps to be adaptable because maybe the way you are doing things are not the right things so you have to be prepared to change your ways.

  3. Hi, Pearl, oooh, yes, enter me in the draw. I agree about the indecision aspect: as a wanted-to-do-everything-but-didn't-know-exactly-what-so-I'd-try-anything-once type of person myself, one hour or ten hours of consultation would have been a waste of time. Six years on, I have a better idea of what it is I'm passionate about -- I listen to my tone of voice and note how I'm feeling when I talk to my customers -- but I could sure use help narrowing down the nuts and bolts things. As a jewellery-maker/seller, I'm in the happiness business, pure and simple. I know that for a fact. The next step is to make that pay off not only for me but also for my customers who come to me to find that long-sought-after crystal or stone or pendant symbol, or that perfect item of jewellery (where, in fact, it might even be someone else I know who is the expert at that style and I'm the go-between). Thanks for offering this opportunity. I looked around their website -- good stuff there! -- and signed up to get more posts.


  4. Boy, this is something I really need. I am definitely not a business person....haven't had as much success with my marketing as I would like, and need to know where I could improve.

  5. Oh, I am so happy you are offering this as a giveaway!!! In the past, I would have loved to have won any of your giveaways, but this is one that I actually NEED to win. I am a regular subscriber and I will post this on Facebook for extra entries. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  6. I've got a small jewelry business and I would love any help I can get! My email (if I win) is split dot infinity dot jewelry at gmail dot com

  7. This would be wonderful! I could really use some help with my business, and I think this would be perfect! I'm a subscriber, and I shared it on facebook. Thanks!

  8. I'm a follower on Facebook as well - forgot that! :)

  9. I have sold at craft fairs for 3 years and spent that time honing my craft. I would love
    an hour to help me get to the next level.

  10. I have been wanting to start a beading business, but am not sure where to start. The Arts Business Institute might be a helpful place to begin!

  11. Christine Owens-HuckJuly 8, 2013 at 1:23 PM

    I'm not sure how to post a comment on the blog spot. One hour or 5 min., I could sure use the help. Would this comment be considered an entry?

    Via Facebook

  12. This would be a great opportunity for some professional advice! Every little bit helps.

  13. Wow, this is just what I need. I would absorb every word. Thank you for thinking of us! Please enter me!
    :) Tamera Davis

  14. Oh boy! This would be so helpful for me. Please enter me in the contest for the consultation giveaway.

  15. Advice from a knowledgable, impartial party is always helpful. The business aspect is a different side of the brain than the creative aspect!

  16. This is truly the most difficult part of the craft business, figuring out which direction to go in. I have pursued many paths only to backtrack and start down another path. Would love to win this opportunity. Thanks, Andrea Trank

  17. I would love to win this time with an expert! It seems to me that nearly everyone would benefit from such a prize. Thanks for the chance!

  18. What a wonderful opportunity to hear advice from a Pro! Please sign me up. I might be able to create but I need all the help I can get when it comes to the tough stuff. SilverLady Designs is my jewelry business name.

  19. I would love to win a consultation for some honest to goodness advice on my jewelry business. Thank you for the opportunity, Pearl.

  20. Oh yes, making the jewelry is the easy part! Pearl, your blog has already helped me improve my photos, now I really could use some help moving the business strategy forward. [Jumping up and down with had in air "Pick Me! Pick Me"]

  21. would be awesome to receive input on selling my jewelry and ways to promote it. love the chance to win this. thanks

  22. Oh....this couldn't come at a more opportune time. I really am in need of a third person view and guidance right now in my business venture. I really hope I win this..... Thank u so much for the opportunity. I subscribe to mail, feed blitz and also follow u on Facebook.

  23. I cant think of anything more helpful to me right now. I am in the process of turning my hobby into a business and it is hard! So many unexpected elements to making it work. I would really value your input and time. I hope I win!

    Here is my work:


You're AWESOME! Thanks for the comment and feedback. You do make a difference on my blog!

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