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Miniature Beaded Dresses and Bags by Sian Nolan

Sian Nolan is passionate about bead work. This UK artisan beads a lot as you can see from her Flickr photostream!  She teaches bead work both in her native England and in Germany.  She is also a regular contributor to UK Bead magazine and sells her own design tutorials in her Etsy store

About 4-5 years ago, she created these wonderful miniature beaded dresses and handbags based on designs from various Japanese books and magazines.  They were all so adorable!

Sian also did a great job at displaying them on what I suspect are doll house furniture!

The dress below is reminiscent of a flapper dress from the 1920's!

This little green number is actually a pendant hung on a hanger shaped finding!

Sian clearly enjoyed making many of the patterns from those Japanese books including the full regalia below!

She is also right.  A girl cannot have too many handbags!

Hat tip to Angie Martin on Facebook.

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  1. Beautiful work, such detail!

  2. Wow! Amazing work, The little handbags would make such cute little purse charms. But the minIature flapper dresses are absolutely gorgeous, and so detail! They look so real to life.


  3. Fabulous work! The dress on the hanger left me speechless :)

  4. these are so awesome will fwd to a friend who loves bead work


  5. These are outstanding.
    So beautiful and refreshingly unique. I bet she has every Barbie doll in the world pining for her creations.

  6. Those are SO cute! Oh but so much work!

  7. Here is a link to Amazon Japan showing a bead dress book:丸小ビーズで作るミニチュアビーズドレス-レディブティックシリーズ-no-2795/dp/4834727955/ref=sr_1_426?ie=UTF8&qid=1484477067&sr=8-426&keywords=ビーズの本

    You can order the book and they will send it to you....

    1. Thanks so much for helping out with this find! If anyone else wants to buy from Amazon in Japan, use Google Chrome and right click, then select translate to English to use Amazon.

  8. Also, many of those beaded mini dresses are published one by one as complete lessons in beading magazines. Exact information is given in Japanese about the beads to be used.


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