Sylvie Lansdowne is a wonderful glass artist who was "coaxed over to the dark side" adding beadwork to her repertoire. When she is not beading, she likes to hang out with Gerard Butler. Sort of.

Her delightful blog Beaded Laughter is often about beads and laughter being the best medicine.  Some of her most hilarious posts feature fantasy bead studs. A beader can dream, can't she?  I had a very hard time culling this list of favorites!

She was inspired by the Handmade Ryan Gosling fun site (no longer viable)  but preferred her own inspiration - Gerard Butler.  One post on Facebook was all it took before it transformed into her blog!

And I cherish this one most because Sylvie dedicated it to Jennifer and all the bead bloggers out there!

Sylvie includes her fantasy bead stud posts now and then on her blog.  Check out her Facebook to see what else she is up to.

Hat tip to Stella Wicker over on Pinterest.

P.S. If you don't know who any of these hunks are, perhaps you need to take a break from beading!

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