I should have written about this a long time ago because it is a clever technique worth sharing.   Cathe Holden's clever tutorial uses the acrylic stamps themselves to create the illusion of engraved jewelry. She included several examples of the stunning pieces you can do with this method. I picked 2 of my favorites.

She designed her own black and white images which were carefully sized to fit bezels.  She then sent the designs off to an acrylic stamp maker and got them back as a sheet.  As you can see, she colored the stamps in a stunning fashion after they were fitted into the bezels.

If you are fortunate enough to own a Teresa Collins Stampmaker, then you are all set to make your own acrylic stamps.  Check out Cheri of Cherinspirations' tutorial on how to use it.  Her pendant is shown below. The tips are invaluable - I especially like the part where chocolate helps the process!

Here is a good review which shows how acrylic stamps are made using the stampmaker.

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