Aren't soutache jewelry designs just amazing? If you are keen to try, making soutache earrings is a good project to start with.  Even half of a pair will yield a pendant!

Bee Jang not only wrote a great soutache earrings tutorial but she also included where she got her materials.  There are many suppliers of soutache braid out there now since the technique is gaining popularity.

She marked this as an intermediate project.  I think any beader who is reasonably experienced with needle and thread work will find this a very satisfying project.

Amee McNamara contributed her Tulip Soutache earrings design on the Bead and Button site.  Another beauty!

The technique is rather structured yet beaders find ways to make soutache designs unique.  This tutorial with bugle beads is by Marta over at I Love Soutache!

Note that soutache is a French word. The  French pronounce soutache as "soutash" not "soutashay".  So now you know.  But like peridot with its alternate pronunciations, either pronunciation works for beaders. It's not how you say it that counts!  It is how beautiful the work is, right?

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