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How to Make Bead Embroidered CuffsTutorials

Elaborate beaded jewelry take ages to complete.  So making just a bracelet will probably increase the chances a piece could be completed this decade!  First up is this video tutorial which shows how Sherry Serafini creates a beaded cuff.

It is worth the view because she walks through all the design steps. Once you get what needs to be done, then coming up with beaded designs of your own is the next fun part!

I also like the simple bead embroidered cuff bracelet tutorial from Beading Daily.  It sure cuts down on the work as the design features a beaded bezel around a cabochon which is on a plain leather covered bracelet blank. Make sure you click through to see how the cabochon is finished.  If you are new to peyote bezels, try this video tutorial or check this past post for tutorial links.

If you can't easily get hold of bracelet blanks, check out Jenni of I SPY DIY's brilliant use of appropriately sized metal cookie cutters!  She just altered them for bracelets or anklets but beaders can use them as blanks.

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  1. I've always admired the lush, elegant look of richly beaded cuff bracelets but I knew they took a lot of time to create. The Fire Mountain Gems tutorial certainly makes it look easy enough but there is no way to get around the fact that creating one is going to be an investment of time and, in my case, a lot of pricked fingertips. Still they are gorgeous and worth every minute and every drop of blood that goes into creating them.

  2. Cuff bracelets have always been the best hand accessory I have ever appreciated. Its one of my favorite wearable.


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