One of the most popular posts on my blog is this past one on how to make spoon and fork jewelry tutorials.  Part of the reason is the realization some old cutlery sets are actually silver!  And you know the price of precious metals these days!   People also use ordinary spoons and forks for their creations.  After all, they are just another source of useful metal!

Dorian from the Busily Spinning Momma (Update : link no longer works) turned a spoon she didn't care for into a rustic spoon pendant with some brute force, scrapbooking paper and Mod Podge!  I liked how she "antiqued" the look.

If you'd rather go for real silver, then check out Kirsten's awesome spoon ring tutorial on her blog, Through the Front Door.  The bowl of the spoon could be used as a pendant so nothing is wasted!  I still cannot believe she got her silver spoons from a thrift store!

Stacie over at Stars for Streetlights has a super tutorial (Update : no longer available) on how to convert an old fork into a nifty bracelet. I like the way she turns the ends of the tines into loops.  Makes me think wire wrapping some beads might work too.

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