It might be difficult for beginners to create a beaded flower ring.  There are actually two parts to the design - the flower itself and the ring band.  So learning how to do just the one thing might well help someone starting out with wire work.

Amy over at As the Bunny Hops has an easy wire wrapped beaded flower ring tutorial. The flower part is a popular way of wiring side drilled beads with a central bead together.  But what she does next is to simply wrap it around a basic adjustable ring band.

You could also try using a metal ring blank like I used in this past tutorial for a simple stamped metal ring.  But you must wire as carefully as possible to ensure comfortable wearing.

Another informal wire wrapped ring tutorial is by reader Divya over at the Jewels of Sayuri blog.  This one cleverly uses a patterned and flattened wire  strip salvaged from a broken bangle.

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