Apart from wearing your small bills as a matter of convenience, I see no real reason to make a ring from a dollar note.  But origami enthusiasts will probably love the challenge!

This is not the first time I have featured origami style money jewelry (see below) but it is the first video tutorial I have written about (there are now a number on Youtube). The tutorial is by Rob.

It's probably best as a project to do with a youngster on a stay at home day or the summer holidays.  I recommend  new notes because paper currency is pretty dirty in more ways than one. The term "dirty money" sure fits.

It's not just the microbes. The National Geographic a few years ago reported that 90% of bills in the US and Canada are tainted with cocaine. The amounts though are very small. The cocaine is transferred to money during drug transactions and people also roll up bills to snort cocaine with it. Ewww...

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