It has been a while since I wrote my tutorial on how to make a denim pair of earrings using my Sizzix Big Kick.  Did any of you succumb and buy your own die cutter yet?  

These simple hand cranked machines are primarily aimed at scrapbook and craft enthusiasts. Quilters for example, use these machines to generate consistently shaped appliques for beautiful work - check them out on Youtube.   

The cutters can tackle quite a number of materials such as paper, card stock, fabric, leather, shrink plastic and thin metal.  Metal blanks can also be embossed using various design plates. Check out Maria Del Pinto of Keep Calm and Craft On's great review on a very similar machine, the Big Shot.
You just feed the die and material to be cut in between special feed plates through the rollers. And viola! Precision cuts every time.

Note that Sizzix is not the only die cutter manufacturer out there.  Nor are you limited to just Sizzix dies.

Check out the different  Sizzix jewelry designs and materials including the embossing ones. You'll recognize the basic die I used for my earrings!

This really pretty charm bracelet is by Melony Bradley using shrink plastic as the base.

I also loved this beautiful recycled soda can butterfly pin tutorial by Eileen Hull using a butterfly die on a powered die cutter (a manual one will work just as well!)  You can watch how she cut, embossed and then colored the cut metal with alcohol inks on this video.  I highly recommend you wear gloves when cutting up a soda can! 

You can use die cutters to make fabric flower bib necklaces. Seal paper and you could have a whole collection of paper jewelry. The possibilities are endless!

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