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Have you tried the popular form of single bead wire wrapped ring design (see links below)?  If you have, you will be pleased to see this innovative variation by Rachel Murgatroyd.  Perhaps try it too!

She called it a tear drop ring because the bead and wire part has the shape.   Her video tutorial shows starting at the bead and then forming the ring band and the decorative swirl.  One really useful feature of this design is the work hardening step (not shown). As the bead is off to one side, hammering with a nylon hammer can be safely done.

Pearls generally have smaller holes so the instructor shows how to use  a finer wire to wrap it to the wire frame.  If you have a Wubbers bail forming pliers, use it to form the frame as it will be easier.

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  1. Thank you for an informative and very pleasant to watch video. Well done, every step shows well. Nice suggestions for alternatives to ring mandrels. Will need to try bangles with this method. Cheers, Pearl!

  2. Ring mandrels are actually quite awkward because they are tapered. A wooden dowel works much better especially for wide ring designs.


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