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Painting is something many us do ourselves to freshen up our homes.  First thing we do is to get paint chips so we can decide.  But instead of tossing the chips away when you are done with it, why not recycle them?  They make easy ombre style jewelry as you can see from these creative designers!

Beckie's tutorial for candy corn earrings and necklace is one of the cleverest uses of paint chips because she made them look like those popular Halloween treats. She uses dimensional glaze which I highly recommend not only to seal the card stock but to give it a raised look.

Beckie also did a video tutorial on how to make these paint chip necklace using the same technique.  She used circles but squares will work too. As she points out, paint chip jewelry does let you match outfits easily, and not to mention cheap!

Getting creative with the shapes is another option.  Wilma over at the By Wilma blog made her paint necklace a chevron styled one.

Got paper punches or a die cutter?  Then making Jill's ombre circle paint chip pendants is easy!

 I also love Aki of Minted Strawberry's circle earrings version!

A fun variation is the chandelier style earrings - a cascade of paint chip circles by Amy over at her blog, Copper Diem.  I like how she use eyelets to finish the holes.

Shannon over at Madigan Made created this awesome contemporary style pendant using paint chips, a recycled money clip and dimensional glaze.

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  1. I totally love these! I have made miniature dollhouse mosaics with paint chips! I see paint chip jewelry on Etsy; I would feel very uncomfortable selling it! Paint chips are meant to be samples to help pick out paint not free supplies for manufacturing jewelry or crafts though!

  2. I for one can be pretty indecisive about paint color so I inevitably pick several to bring home. It is good not to have to throw them away if they can be recycled. It's fine if the paint chips were obtained for the purpose they were intended and then repurposed.

  3. I agree with you Pearl. I have brought home handfuls of paint chip cards trying to decide on the "perfect" shade to paint a room. Afterwards I ended up tossing them into the recycling bin.

    This is truly a neat idea for using those cards. I love the ombre look it gives the jewelry in your example and I think they are all wonderful creations.

  4. No different than using old used plastic bottles for jewelry or any other recycling idea. So much better to reuse than end up an overcrowded garage dump. :-)

  5. I assuage my guilt over taking a handful of paint chips by also buying the spray paint and other items I need while I'm in the same area of the store. Seems fair to me.

  6. I quite agree about reducing the garbage dump load. When I was living in Halifax, the decision of where to put the next city dump was contentious. The city put in a large recycling program to make sure the next time they need a city dump would be in the very distant future.


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