I shared my exciting news over on Facebook and Twitter last week. Many of you probably missed it so here is the formal announcement!   Prima Bead picked me as a blogging partner, one of 10  selected from a field of 50 bloggers.  Needless to say, I am thrilled to bits!

Mirror Beads
Prima Bead is a division of Cousin, a major family owned wholesale bead business which got its start in Florida some 40 years ago.  As part of the blogging team, I will be reviewing their new items and coming up with unique designs.  Once the team projects get underway,  readers should be able to view all the designs on Prima's Facebook Page.  I will keep you all posted.

You may recall an earlier tool review on the Precision Comfort Tool set?   I also received some luscious mirror beads before then for review.  These are gorgeous highly reflective crystals.  If you look at the the closeup pictures and see the cut edges,  they often do meet precisely as indicated by the red circle :

That shows precision cutting.  Looks like Swarovski isn't the only manufacturer which can do it. These high quality mirror beads are made in China.

I thought they would be especially sparkly for earrings. Plus I love making earrings!  So here are 3 of my original designs using most of the beads you see at the top.  All of them are for sale in my Etsy store where 100 % of the net proceeds will go to cancer research.

The Circle and Crystal earrings were designed to move on the ear wires as the textured metal rings are free to do so.  Those mirror beads will sparkle even more!

Most people would place the bluish purple elongated beads with the broader end down. But not me!  I like them upside down as you can see from my Framed Blue Purple Wire Wrapped Crystal Earrings. They are called "Framed" because I framed what would have been ordinary dangles.  

I couldn't use the light blue crystals and had to substitute with my own light blue bicones to make the dangle fit inside the frame.  As you can see, the dangles sit exactly on the frame.

The Weaving with Wire Crystal Earrings were the most fun to make.  So much so I will be expanding this idea for future designs. 

 If you are bored with making simple dangles and want to be inspired to do more, check out my Earring Design Ideas  -  it is based on a collection of my designs as well as those of my past students.  The most common instruction we (my friend and co-instructor Debbie) gave at our workshops was to play with the beads!  So go play!


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