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Beautiful Copper and Brass Jewelry by Chris Anderson

Don't get me wrong. Silver jewelry is lovely and sterling silver a joy to work with.  However, the other metals like copper and brass offer much richer tones.  A master at combining these two metals is the Chris Anderson whose jewelry I first spotted on Jewelspan.


He says of his process, " I design jewelry sets by sketching over long hours and as the various drawings emerge before me I am always drawn to familiar constructions. I therefore try to look for newness within these shapes, forms and ideas that haunt my work."

Royal Palm
The investment all pays off as his contemporary designs show a successful and gorgeous transition from natural inspirations to finished jewelry.  Chris is based in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean which explains where some of his inspirations come from.

I also like his Monstera design which is based on the large houseplant sometimes known as the Swiss cheese plant.

His global collection is also delightful particularly this one :

Chris is a shining example of how beautiful jewelry can be when two different metals are put together in original ways.

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  1. I just love the clean lines and finish in his work. Its all so seamless

  2. His work is magnificent. I was mildly surprised to see that he is based in Trinidad and Tobago. My hubby work at the Texaco oil camp in Pointe-a-Pierre,Trinidad, so we were there for about 5 years.
    Since both Trinidad and Tobago are tropical islands the Monstera plant grows outdoors there, it also grows to very large proportions out in the wild.

    With Chris's artistic talents I wonder if he has ever done design work for any of the local Trini Carnival Bands ? Brazil's, Rio de Janeiro gets all the acclaim for Carnival but Trinidad puts on one fantastic celebration of its own.

    I just took a trip over to Chris Anderson's website. He creates fantastic jewelry but he is also a very accomplished photographer and has many wonderful photos of Trinidad Carnival plus places around the island that jogged my memories of years gone by. :)

  3. I have always loved copper, Pearl, and Chris' work brings out the rich beauty of it. Lovely!

  4. Yes, the photography is excellent too. Just a refreshing approach to design!

  5. WOOOWWW...! stunning..! I love all design...great work..! :)

  6. Gorgeous work! I just love his angel fish.

  7. What lovely pieces! The colours of the two metals work so well together. I love the angel fish and turtles!


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