Dangle earrings are fun to wear because of the feel of them when you move.  However, some people may not like dangles or may not be able to wear them for work.  But that doesn't mean ear lobes have to be bare!  Try making stud earrings instead. Here are two excellent ones to get started.

Alison of Blue Forest Jewellery blog showed how she made a basic pair of wire wrapped stud earrings.  You don't have to put a loop in for a dangle, but I thought it was a nice twist to this classic pattern.  Just tuck in the wire end if you are omitting the dangle part.

A little more involved but simply lovely is the tutorial by Emily Tan over at Emily Secret Passions.  She forms a post frame first.  This is a good thing because there is the opportunity to hammer and work harden the frame before adding the coiling and other embellishments.  Notice that she uses the coiling to keep the circle together.

People who love simpler designs can just stop at the above stage.  But by all means, add beads as she did for the second half of the tutorial.  Also check out her adjustable wire wrapped ring version using 2 of these design units.

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