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Easy Beginner Wire Work Earrings Tutorials

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Guest Tutorials by Judy Larson
Beginner Series

Judy's free jewelry classes are called Wire Magic. She said, "Students feel almost as if magic as involved in their creations as they are so easy and quick to make and turn out beautifully. It is very important to become accomplished with one technique before going on to the next. By the time they are through with the Beginner series of classes I offer, there is no limit to what they can do."

She starts teaching the wire wrapped loop technique first and gets them to make a charm bracelet. The next step is to have her students make a variety of earrings. So here are her easy beginner earrings tutorials!

You can be dramatic with the Egyptian coil style or more subdued with just using spirals like a custom head pins. They are fun to make and must have been hits at her classes. For more spiral coil tutorials check this past post - 3 Tutorials on How to Make Scrolled Wire Connections.

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Egyptian Coil Earrings
Egyptian Coil Drop Earrings

Spiral Coil Earrings

Spiral Coil Earrings

Pearl and Mother of Pearl Earrings
Pearl and Mother of Pearl Earrings

Orbital Wire Earrings
Orbital Earrings

Summer Fun Earrings

Summer Fun Earrings

More Tutorials by Judy
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  1. Great tutorials. Thanks for sharing. I love the summer fun earrings, great colors!

  2. Pearl, wonderful beginning Wire Work series. Certainly one a novice would not find intimidating and the end projects are attractive. I always disliked those beginner projects that, once complete, you learn the process involved but end up with an item that you wouldn't be caught dead wearing and are too ashamed to even gift to someone. My first "Learn to Crochet" project comes to mind ... but it did teach me how to crochet. :)

  3. I love comments when people like the projects I teach in class. The Summber Fun earrings were a great hit! I had no shell discs or earwires with chain left at the end of that class. Students all took extras home!
    You are right about beginner projects-things people do not want but teach a skill. I believe that if you are going to put money into materials for a project, it should be something you are proud of when finished.

  4. I have become addicted to your blog! You give such great information, links, and tutorials! Thanks for sharing, Pearl!

  5. Thanks for the kind words! I enjoy writing my blog and sharing my finds!