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Many jewelry designers don't really want to do any soldering.  Not everyone likes hot connections.  However, you can still attach things together with cold techniques.  One cool way is to use wire as in lashing through punched holes in metal.

Check out this past Beading Daily blog post  where the editor tried out this easy method  to join some copper patina plates with ultrasuede for a bracelet design. 

She was inspired by the book, Rustic Wrappings: Exploring Patina in Wire, Metal, and Glass Jewelry by Kerry Bogert.

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  1. Wow ! this is a fantastic idea ! It opens so many new ideas in using wire for creating jewellery . I absolutely love it !
    thank you and bless you Pearl for the link to this wonderful post.

  2. Very neat! Wonder if it'd be easier to do tambour stitch (pretty much same thing, but done with a fine crochet hook) instead of chain stitch or if it'd just end up with kinked wire and having to make too big holes in the sheet.

    Thinking about it, there are many simple embroidery stitches that could be experimented with. Stem stitch, whipped or threaded running stitch etc.

  3. Glad you agree that doing this opens up new opportunities in wire work


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