Adding beads brings color to chain maille designs.  There are 3 ways to introduce the beads :
  • string beads onto stringing wire which is crimped at each end of the piece
  • add beads to finer gauge jump rings
  • capture loose beads between the chain maille weaves

Gemma on Bead Barmy's tutorial  (update : link no longer works)  is the first variety where she added beads along beading wire in a very open box chain weave.

Rawr.Rawr.x on Cut Out and Keep's first attempt at chain maille resulted in an eclectic weave.  The beads were threaded onto large jump rings and informal groups of jump rings were added between the bead bearing ones.  You could try Byzantine links as well.

The third way is my favorite as the beads are secured only by being caught inside the weave.  This lovely chain maille bracelet with pearls tutorial is by Irina's Cute Box.

The captured bead bracelet video tutorial from Beadaholique is also worth a watch. The instructor suggests 2 sizes of rings and beads.  She also points out faceted beads make more flexible bracelets as there is more space for movement.

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