When we think of beaded hair jewelry, we think of beads in barrettes, bands and elastics. Or maybe as stranded extensions.  But beads with hair as the stringing medium?  Now that would be difficult, or is it?

I hesitate to call Roberto Perozzi of  HairTune  (Update : link no longer available)  a hairstylist.  He is more than that - he is an amazing  hair artist.  Shown here are some of his award winning designs.

He is now based in Japan when he is not traveling for international conferences and seminars.  "Involved in every aspect of the business, from the salon floor to in house teaching, from working on international shows to photographic collection shoots, Roberto has incredible know-how. Even with a very busy schedule, he finds time to assist in fashion shows."

This innovative hair designer is also dedicated to teaching and sharing hairdressing technical skills as well as coming up with new ideas. 

He shared his very simple technique of how to thread seed beads onto hair strands on this video - a must see! 

His tutorial using a wig is unbelievably easy.  If you cannot fathom his moves, hang on to the 11:16 minute mark when he switches to a brunette wig and demonstrates his technique again. It's very clear then how he transfers the beads to the hair strand.

Roberto tells me he has more beaded hair videos in the pipeline so stay tuned!  Also check his Youtube channel for some great hair cutting and styling how tos.

Photo credit : Alex Forsey
Make up : Vicky Lang
Images via
Hat tip to Sue Henry from the Grand River Bead Society.

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