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Found Object Art Jewelry by Alice Sprintzen

I spotted Alice Sprintzen's remarkable found object art jewelry on Jewelspan.  Artisans like her rise to the challenge of making not just recycled jewelry but true art pieces.   As Alice says, "Jewelry of this genre is an antidote to the wasteful, consumer oriented direction of modern life."

A Token of Tokens : Car tail light, token, garnet, antique glass, belt buckle, sterling silver, glass beads
This New York based artisan "haunts thrift shops, antique stores, garbage dumps, and curb sides" for her one of a kind necklaces.  Alice uses different jewelry techniques including beading, wire work and metal work so she has the right skill set to make all these disparate bits and pieces come together for her contemporary designs.

Completing the Circuit : Computer parts, beads, buttons and plastic reflector, cast plastic, sterling silver
They are bold, colorful and often express the creator's quirky sense of humor!

Blue Necklace : Typewriter ball, antique buttons, sterling silver, bead, glass beads
Alice has been making jewelry for over 20 years. She also teaches and writes jewelry books. Her work has been featured in numerous publications and also appeared in a museum exhibition.

Ode to a Nail Buff : Antique nail buff, glass and antique bead

If You Can Read This You're Too Close : Metal letters, copper, glass beads

Marbled Tail Light : Car tail lights, marble, sterling silver, die, glass beads
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  1. Wow ! Alice`s work is truly amazing and inspiring ! I was amazed to see a nail buff presented in this unique manner .And who would have thought that tail lights could be used so beautifully ?
    Thank you Pearl ,for this wonderful post .

  2. Alice's designs are truly a treat..they are so beautiful and intelligently made..very inspiring

  3. Just love her work. It's all very sumptuous and when you consider what it's made of. Just incredible.

  4. The third necklace with the blue stone is so pretty. Glad to have seen your blog on Twitter.


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