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Fun Bead Soup Wire Wrapped Bangle Tutorials

I think I am guilty of a number of containers of bead soup!  You know, odd bead collections which I have not bothered to return to their rightful containers. So one way to get rid of bead soup is to make bead soup jewelry.  Here are some easy wire bangle tutorials to try.

If you are just a wire work beginner, then get yourself a pre-made wire cuff as demonstrated in Eva Sherman's tutorial over on Crafts Unleashed.  It requires neat wire coiling around the wire cuff and then having fun adding your bead soup!

Karina Feigner over at The Crafty Housewife offers a bead soup wire wrapped bangle tutorial that's a little more demanding.  You will have to form the frame from 2 lengths of wire yourself.  Karina place bigger beads in the center so the two wires are further apart in the center.  If you wire in say different colors of similar sized beads then the wires will be parallel.

The wrapping can be informal or formal.  It would be fun to do all sorts of wire squiggles in between the beads for a fun design! Hat Tip to Angie Martin on Facebook for this tutorial.

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  1. I am saving those for the time when I will have a bead soup. For now, I only have a bead entree :)

  2. Brilliant tutorial, really want to try this. Thank you!

  3. Gill - also check out my Wire Jewelry Tips (top of blog under Free Tutorials) for more bangle designs which helps get rid of odd beads.

  4. Thanks Pearl, another fun and inspirational post!


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