Kumihimo is really popular but if you prefer something less busy, then consider a hand wrapped thread and cord necklace tutorial.  It's an ethnic look that's been popular for quite a while (see first link below).

The resulting necklace can be used on its own, or combined with others.  It also is a lovely way to hang a pendant of some sort - not just the tassel as shown in the tutorial over at Craft Tuts.

One alternative suggestion is to start with all the contrast threads and winding only the color you want at the time. The other threads are wrapped underneath.

Here's another colorful bracelet version. The tutorial is by Luisa who writes Why Don't You Make Me?  The use of multiple jump rings really add to the design doesn't it?

Hop over to Marian's blog to see how she makes loop ends for her necklaces using clothesline rope and wraps them with thread.  She got the idea from the  "Wrapped, Jeweled and Embellished Creations" article by Arline M. Lowenthal in the Winter 2010 issue of the Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine. Arline uses some of Marian's pictures when she teaches - on cruises!!

You know what to do with leftover embroidery floss if cross stitching was a craft you once indulged in!

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