Ear cuffs seem to be getting more popular these days judging from the increasing number of tutorials I come across. I wonder if it's because more people aren't getting their ears pierced? Whatever the reason, they are cool and can be combined with regular piercings. I picked these tutorials to get you started!

Rachel of Transient Expression has a clever tutorial which features a rhinestone chain (see above). What is neat is she uses a clip on earring finding at the top and a regular stud post to anchor both ends.

I also like Ting of Cup of Ting's ear cuff tutorial  (Update : no longer available).  This design is perfect for those who want something less showy which compliments regular piercings.  I like how she used 16 mm wire (about 3 inches of it) to make the cuff.  The thicker wire makes for a better looking cuff.  Use really soft wire to help you form the loops!

Accomplished wire workers can try Gailavira's beautiful free form woven wire ear cuff design over on Instructables.

Rachel Murgatroyd's video tutorial (no longer available) shows how she made her ear cuff.  She says she makes them straight like this.  Wearers can then slight bend them left or right to fit their own ears.

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