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Paper Clip and Yarn Wrapped Earrings Tutorials

Lots of beaders are on the hunt for alternative metals.  Stainless steel is a good one. But you don't have to buy the wire itself.  Consider the humble paper clip!

Evie S's  paper clip and yarn wrapped earrings tutorial is a delightful design if you haven't already come across it before.  She unbent the paper clip to get the triangle shape.

Also check out the sweet heart paper clip earrings tutorial by Stephanie over at Henry Happened. I like both her alternative ideas :

The yarn used in these tutorials adds color to the designs.  But I don't see why you can't use wire for wrapping either!

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  1. Cute! Now this might be what I was looking for to use up my rather vast supply of standard size paper-clips. :) I've ran across a few projects that use paper-clips but they all required the larger or Jumbo clips.

    Now I'll have to check and see if my wonderful hubby can solder the ends of these clips together for me . . . I'm not too sure I'd trust using an epoxy or a strong glue on the open ends of the paper clip to keep them together.

  2. PS - Just went back to your post on making Butterfly jewelry using paper clips - that was a great post but unfortunatly it needed the jumbo paper-clips. I did give it a shot with my standard size clips but there just was not enough wire to play around with and I ended up with a butterfly with only half a set of wings. Talk about a project that wouldn't fly. :D

  3. LOL! Too funny about the project not flying! Yes, you need more wire so the jumbos will work best.


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