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How to Make a Bib Necklace from Broken Jewelry

We should really save broken jewelry, odd earrings and unloved jewelry to reuse them for a fabulous bib statement necklace.  Stacie over on the Stars for Streetlights blog shared a sparkly statement necklace idea. Her pale color palette certainly added elegance to her final design.

She began with a collar base she bought from a trimmings store.  Other alternatives include lace segments from fabric or perhaps a leather cutout. You could also crochet a bib base if you are able to.

She then carefully stitched the deconstructed jewelry pieces together.  I agree with Stacie, rhinestone trim along the edges was an inspired idea for the edges.

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  1. Stacie's Bib creation is marvelous and so elegant. I agree with her that it has a wonderful "antique" look and quality about it. Simply stunning !

  2. Gorgeous. I love the Antique/Vintage look and feel to this piece.


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