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Leather Bracelet from Belt and Purse Strap Tutorials

Remember my jewelry from an old belt tutorial?  Here are more ideas to recycle belts which might be languishing in your closet.  They have to be thin ones.  Or perhaps repurpose the straps from an unloved purse?

Beverly over at Flamingo Toes cut up a skinny belt for her watch strap charm bracelet combination tutorial (above).  I preferred her version based on something she saw on Pinterest because she made the multi strand chain and charm bracelet part detachable.

Kat from We Can Re-Do-It has a project which lives up to the name of her blog.  She re-purposed a purse strap and made it into a cool bracelet after adding some charms.  This is rather inspirational as any suitable charm can be attached. That bracelet was supposed to be sold on her Etsy store but she ended up wearing it!  I can relate!

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  1. Great ideas! I'm sure I have a few belts that no longer fit my expanding waistline,

  2. Hi Pearl! I just went through all my old belts looking for clasps that would make pendants. Now I'm going to have to go through them again as this is a marvelous idea!


    On a personal note for you only ~

    I've just spent almost three weeks in hospital with a tiny cell phone that I hate that wouldn't show me any pictures whatsoever. Didn't matter whose email I might be trying to read. As you can imagine I was quite starved for images by the time I was released!
    However - I can tell you the good news - I entered the hospital unable to walk after years of dealing with an injured lower spine which finally in the last months - after a fall on my back about 2 weeks before I entered the hospital - I could not walk at all - I now can walk! I had a very young neurosurgeon who even held my hand patiently while they tried to find a vein in my wrist...enough said on that. He apologized many times for nicking the spinal sheath and even bought me a large fruit cup for my birthday while I was in there! I told him he had already given me the best birthday present ever - the ability to walk again - and I got out of bed and walked around and gave him a huge hug!
    So now he's given me orders to walk, walk, walk. And of course I've done a lot of thinking over these weeks and missing my art. I'm still not sure 'exactly' what my 'art' is - but I do love whatever it is I am doing at the time. I also know that I have really come to enjoy and appreciate all your hard work Pearl. My goodness. The amount of research you do! The internet is full of it though isn't it! It's almost overwhelming and you could spend your life just looking at what others do and never do one thing yourself! I'm so glad that you get the opportunities to as well!
    Beyond all this - I cannot tell you how pleased I was to discover a fellow Canadian behind all of this! I was born in Guelph, Ontario but I now live on the dry prairies of Alberta quite close to Red Deer. It's quite a change from the lushness of the south of Ontario where there are lakes and old houses and big old trees and lakes...and did I mention water? It's something I miss dearly - the ability to go have a swim in a nice warm summer lake.
    However - if you ever feel the urge to discover the excitement of our incredible white water rafting here in Alberta - my brother has been offering Otter Rafting Adventures for 35 years this coming summer! I can guarantee you it's a wonderful experience at any time of the summer and believe it or not - I used to be one of the guides but as time and that back of mine moved on....
    This is turning into an epic. I wanted just to tell you - I missed you and your journal whilst I was holed up in the hospital. Now I will sally forth once again and try to make some more of my silly entertaining remarks to give you fodder for your giveaways! Ha!
    Love Aims

  3. That is just wonderful, wonderful news! Sally forth, dear aims not just for a normal life but for more awesome jewelry making! I used to live in Alberta too. Lovely province!

  4. I love this idea and will definitely make one! You've given me another reason to go to thrift stores!
    I love your blog and eagerly read it daily.

  5. Great idea !
    Much like Willi, I also have belts that no longer fit, guess I kept them thinking that someday perhaps my waist would whittle back down but, alas, no such luck. :(

    ps - I loved Aims' inspirational story. How truly fantastic.


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