Remember my jewelry from an old belt tutorial?  Here are more ideas to recycle belts which might be languishing in your closet.  They have to be thin ones.  Or perhaps repurpose the straps from an unloved purse?

Beverly over at Flamingo Toes cut up a skinny belt for her watch strap charm bracelet combination tutorial (above).  I preferred her version based on something she saw on Pinterest because she made the multi strand chain and charm bracelet part detachable.

Kat from We Can Re-Do-It has a project which lives up to the name of her blog.  She re-purposed a purse strap and made it into a cool bracelet after adding some charms.  This is rather inspirational as any suitable charm can be attached. That bracelet was supposed to be sold on her Etsy store but she ended up wearing it!  I can relate!

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