Jan Huling is a New York based "beadist".  She calls herself that because she is an artist who works with beads!  What she does is to take objects like toys or something drab and ordinary from a flea market or even eBay and transforms them into works of art.

Detail from Koko Monkey

Jan's very first piece was a beaded kazoo!  Since then, her collection has grown. Now her varied and eclectic work has been exhibited in many museums. The New York Times dubbed Jan's work “oddball assemblages”  much to her delight. 

Her eye for color and pattern is evident from her designs which require meticulous gluing of Czech beads. Where does her inspiration come from?  Jan says, "My three-dimensional collages combine found objects with surface design, sometimes touching on narrative themes. I’m also drawn to religious and political icons, inspired by a continuing fascination with indigenous or popular culture and world religions."

Buddha's Urn
Jan adds, "My goal in covering the surfaces of sculptural objects or flat images, is to transform the mundane and allow us to imagine the magic within the familiar."  Those amazing transformations are all works of art!


Lil' Angel


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