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Cut Out Leather Bracelet Tutorial

I've actually rummaged and bought remnant leather from my local fabric store as well as recycled a belt to make leather jewelry (see links below).  So if you like the look of leather, check out this great tutorial by Melissa  Esplin. I do like her contemporary design!

She not only shows how you can make her cut out leather bracelet, but she also provides a printable template.

Also consider making the cut out longer so it wraps almost all the way around the wrist with just jump rings and clasps to connect both ends.

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  1. Another perfect project for my refashioned jewelry-fetish!! Thanks, Pearl!

  2. I'll bet you have many sources of leather to recycle - old leather handbags, jackets, belts etc!

  3. Sometimes you can buy leather scraps from book binders. The pieces left over aren't large enough for them but are a fair size for jewelry.

    Love the designs in the post.

  4. That's a great resource suggestion, Willi! Thanks!

  5. Great tutorial! Nice to recycle leather or make a small piece of scrap leather into something wearable.


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