There was a huge response to last week's giveaway.  No wonder.  The jewelry pictures showing what one can do with the beautiful supplies from Becky Nunn's company wowed everyone. 

It's not just the pretties which inspired.  Becky herself is a huge inspiration to all of us aspiring to run a small business. 

One reader aims said, "Well Pearl, the other day I was riffling through my emails and I caught a picture of Becky Nunn sitting with Kristal Wick at the Artbeads Cafe. I was stunned to learn that there was a real person behind Nunn Design and such a young one too! (I'm not kissing up here - honest!). What also amazed me is that you write that it is a small company. Becky sure knows what she is doing with her marketing then as it seems I have always seen her ads and her products. What I didn't know was that she didn't make any of her own designs. I'm really impressed. She's quite the entrepreneur!"  Yes she is indeed!

Well, one person is about to sample some of the awesome jewelry supplies from Nunn Design.  I numbered all the eligible entries.  I then went to and used the random number generator to come up with the winning number.  It was assigned to Connie!  Congratulations!
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