This is the time of year I regret pigging out!  Don't you wish you could keep track of calories without having to take note of your calorie intake?  Or know if you are really getting enough exercise and not just fooling yourself?  Well, the latest wearable tech gadget, Airo does all that and more. 

 The bracelet makes use of a built-in LED light spectrometer which "uses different wavelengths of light to look into the blood stream and detect metabolites as they are released during and after your meals. This allows AIRO to measure caloric intake and even the quality of meals consumed."  The blue tooth connection to the user's smartphone delivers the report on the nutritional value of everything you eat.

 Airo can also keep track of how much exercise you are getting.  Your heart rate allows it to calculate how many calories you burn each day.  The same heart rate technology also monitors your stress levels so that you are given early warnings of rising stress levels via a vibrational alarm.  Calming exercises are also suggested via mobile push notifications.

The device keeps on working even while you sleep. It determines when your deep sleep cycle is so that it can wake you up at the optimal time for your body.

This astonishing high tech jewelry item is already ready for pre-order ahead of its formal launch in the fall of 2014.  The cost is $149 (with an extra $10 delivery charge).

The aluminum bracelet has an underside consisting of a soft hypoallergenic material. It will be available in different sizes and in 2 finishes - light and dark. Check out the video. (updated)

Perhaps this is the solution to keeping all those resolutions soon to crop up in the new year!

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