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Jackson Pollock Inspired Necklace Makeover Tutorial

Jackson Pollock (1912-1956) was the American abstract artist who was famous for his drip painting style.  That free spirited and liberal splattering of paint inspired a makeover of an existing necklace in a big way as shown by Erica Domesek's tutorial over on PS. I Made This.

Drip and splash painting over beads, stampings, wood and other jewelry making components would also work for one of a kind jewelry.  

Sometimes you gotta have the kind of project which helps you release tension and not stress about how exact the design has to be.  Truly go with the flow!!

Before You Go:
Original Post by THE BEADING GEM
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  1. You need an artist's eye for this color splash combination. Looks so bold! I'm tempted... BTW, the link is not working, though it was fairly easy to find the tutorial in the blog.

  2. I have tried several times today to find the tutorial, but it keeps telling me that the post is not found.

  3. Thanks for letting me know. I have updated the link. The reason why the link wasn't working is because that blog has been shifted over to another host.


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