I think I can safely say Michele Carragher's Amazing Bead Embroidery from the Game of Thrones TV Series blew our minds!  Well, almost all of us are certainly nowhere near her caliber but we can content ourselves with other DIY Game of Thrones fan material! 

Laura of Wrapped Up With Rainbows  has a stunning sigil brooch tutorial made with good old shrink plastic!  For the uninitiated, sigils are the heraldry symbols of the various noble houses.  Fans though will be able to recognize the stag as the sigil for the Baratheons, the lion for Lannisters and the direwolf for the Starks.

Although you can fuse shrink plastic together in the oven, I think it is best to do the shield and the animal separately as Laura did and glue them together after shrinking.

Want to make your own sigil?  Check out HBO's Join the Realm which lets you generate one.  As I have 3 cats who rule my household, I created the sigil for the House of Meow complete with motto! 

Cosplay enthusiasts are also busy coming up with makeup and costumes.  GandaKris' polymer clay pendant video tutorial is spot on for the Daenerys Targaryen's claw necklace from Season 3.

Brace yourselves.  Winter is coming.

Hat tip to True Blue Me and You

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