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How to Make Tiny Book Charm Tutorials

Tiny book necklaces are just perfect for librarians and book lovers.  Maybe even for really forgetful luddites who prefer to scribble memos into a handy portable page than use a smartphone! This superb tutorial by Juliana Quest over at the Russian blog, ScrapShopChallenge shows even the stitching of the book's pages much like a book binder would do.  The book cover is also beautifully done. At the end, she shows some gorgeous examples of how to decorate the charm.

Art by Wendy lives up to her name as her vintage style  book charms are exquisite.  Clever use of findings for decorations.

Carly over at Chic Steals made not just a book necklace but also did one for a key chain.  Love that idea!

Ruby called her book a teeny tiny leather spell book!  The aged leather look complete with a magic touch of a gold Sharpie pen would be great for a Hermione Granger fan come Halloween!

The above tutorials show how to make the books from scratch but you can also buy miniature books.  That's what Jennifer did.  She then shrank down and printed images of famous book covers for her set her.  Check out her tutorial over at My Two Butterflies.

You can certainly make them small enough for earrings.  Check out this tutorial over on Wikihow.

 Hat tip to True Blue Me and You.

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