Sheryl Westleigh is a Maine artist whose highly successful Etsy store, Noadi, caters to science fans.  She makes all sorts of biologically inspired necklaces. This prolific artist creates many diverse pieces.  One collection is her petri dish necklaces such as the green mold on red agar pendant below.

She uses real petri dishes and resin. Nice touch with the silicone tubing - a common lab item - as the cord.  Also clever is the bioluminescent cell culture necklace which glows in the dark!

Sheryl also has a large range of biological specimen necklaces.  No animals were harmed in the process as they are all sculpted from polymer clay and painted. It's also not formaldehyde but just resin!

Frog specimen necklace

Encapsulated spotted salamander
She loves science and marine animals but cephalopods occupy a special place in her heart.  She makes many octopus, squid and cuttlefish polymer clay pendants.  One of the most unusual styles and my favorite is her steampunk clockwork cuttlefish necklace  :

She clearly loves color because her cephalopod pendants come in a wide variety of hues.  This is the Cosmic Octopus necklace :

Sheryl is also truly inspirational for her thoroughly detailed website, Noadi's Art Octopus Oddities and Cuttlefish Creations. Not only does she cover the standard categories like her bio, designs, shop. tutorials, but also includes how it's made, wholesale info, her upcoming events calendar and a long list of press and blog articles on her work.

With her unusual work, it's not surprising she made it into the book Regretsy: Where DIY Meets WTF. Can't beat a promotion like that!

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