Lashing  with thin leather is one great way to bind jewelry components together.  So let's check out these fabulous ideas.  Berrila's tutorial showed how she lashed together a rhinestone chain with thin leather cord for a stunning but easy bracelet.  Check the last link below for the alternate way of placing the button clasp.

This tutorial from Vogue (Spain) is a cool way to makeover several - they used 8 - skinny bangles into one by lashing them together with leather cord.  Note the nifty little crimp they used to join the ends together.  The tutorial is in Spanish so use Google Translate if you need to read it.

Another idea is by Anette over on the Lebenslustiger blog.  The base is the popular button and loop cord style bracelet but without any beads. Just the threads.  You could also use fine leather cord lashings.

She even did gorgeous silver and gold versions for the holidays.

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